Shevchenko Monumental Works has been a family owned and operated factory showroom since 1919. We offer monuments, markers, mausoleums, and ceramic photos all skillfully crafted from the highest quality bronze, granite, and marble that will provide a lasting tribute to your loved ones. 

We are proud of our family name therefore, our caring touch is used whether we are making a small marker or a large civic memorial. With our 3rd generation of craftsmanship, we can duplicate or design any memorial that will mark the resting place of your loved one with beauty…. Forever. 

We eliminate “the middle man” and expensive sales commissions by doing all of our own work from foundations to cemetery lettering, designs, carving, and sales right up to the installation. We believe that if you want it done right, you must do it yourself. We guarantee every memorial we make…. Our name depends on it.